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by Sg Beheer - donderdag, 28 september 2006, 07:41



I would like to hear what you think of this idea of setting up E-Citizenship as part of a new European curriculum? Would you like to become one of the teachers / co-editors of this new European webbased subject? What are your ideas on content?

Created on a European level by pupils and their teachers from all European countries, using high-tech means of international communication.

What will be the outline of the new course?
What will be the contents of the new course?
What will be the new European Curriculum for Citizenship?

A multi-language, cross-curricular course on active citizenship and cultural diversity in different communities in Europe.

Subjects involved: Modern Foreign Languages, ICT, Geography, History, Economy, Social and Religious Studies: cross-curricular.

Setting up the European Day of Languages and European Springday in the currriculum


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