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This website is run by foreign language teachers (and other subjects) from all over Europe in secondary and primary schools, and is co-ordinated by Marleen Spierings, Elos and Language Coordinator Visser 't Hooft Lyceum Leiden. Because of the support of our sponsors, it is a free resource. Registration allows you to view/download the lesson plans, as well as build up a very valuable resource for all schools to share by collaborating with us in our teachers' Learning Circle 'Made in Europe', to put together a Communicative Course on European Citizenship. if you would like to work with us, and cannot find your country's coordinator listed below, please contact sg@vhl.nl . If you find the site useful, we only ask that you share your best practice with us. Good luck!

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Bulgaria: Anelia Dimitrova, Anton Sotirov

France: Claire Bertrand, Claude Bourdon, Marie-Christine Clerc-Gevrey, Nelly Mok

Great-Britain: Gary Stroker

Ireland: Geraldine McWeeney

Italy: Stefania Balducci

Nepal: Nawaraj Baskota

Netherlands: Marleen Spierings

Portugal: Adelina Moura

Slovenia: Anita Rusak and Lidija Vidmar

Turkey: Sema Pekin

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